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October 25, 2023

A Vibrant Desert Wedding

A Vibrant Palm Desert Wedding

Meet Paige and Riley, the couple who know how to live life to the max. They’re those cool college sweethearts who bring the party wherever they go. Whether it’s jamming at concerts or having crazy adventures with their squad, they’re all about having a blast. And when it came to their wedding, you bet they brought the good vibes!

Their wedding day was all about letting loose and celebrating with a massive wedding crew. Both sides brought their A-game to the party, making it a lively, unforgettable bash.

But here’s the heartwarming part. Paige and Riley’s sentimental side came shining through when they chose Paige’s dad to be their officiant. That personal touch made their day even more special.

And let’s talk about the style – it was all about those beautiful desert vibes. Their boho-inspired florals and table settings rocked those earthy tones. The whole scene was a blend of laid-back and elegant, just like the happy couple.

As wedding videographers, we were stoked to capture Paige and Riley’s big day. It wasn’t just a wedding; it was a joyous, and beautifully executed celebration of love and life. We’ve turned their incredible story into a video that’s as fun and awesome as they are.

Wedding Venue: Hyatt Indian Wells

Planner: Iman Lee Events

Photographer: West Imagery

DJ: Bass and Bliss

Florist: Suede Petals

Cake/Donuts: Over the Rainbow Desserts

Cookies: Fine Art Cookies

HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist): Kim J Beauty

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